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A visit to Corozal, the North-East of Belize, allows for the discovery of a beautiful region still off the beaten track. Shipstern has traditionally been a magnet for those birders, naturalists and tourists ready to leave the main circuit, and no one has ever been disappointed.
The sheer diversity in landscapes and habitats is astounding, and it is also the only place in Belize where you will be able to experience a walk through a coastal dry Yucatan forest, and see the very rare Kuka Palm and Elephant’s Foot in the wild.

Shipstern’s Nature and Wildlife

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Shipstern Conservation & Management Area, owned and managed by the Corozal Sustainable Future Initiative (CSFI), is located close to the village of Sarteneja. The reserve, having been isolated for most of the 20th century is still rich in wildlife, and boasts an astonishing 300 species of birds, among which many Yucatan endemics. These birds can easily be observed, usually right at Shipstern’s headquarters, where our accommodations are located. Check out our Bird Tours in Shipstern Nature Reserve.
Mammals are more difficult to observe, although coatis, grey foxes and Yucatan squirrels are often encountered. Jaguars are often heard close by, many have seen the peccaries and margay, while tracks of Baird’s Tapir are all over. Shipstern is also very rich in butterflies and dragonflies, and reptiles abound. Visit our gallery for a glimpse of what you can expect when traveling to Shipstern Nature Reserve, situated in the Corozal District – Belize.

Fair & Sustainable Tourism


While Shipstern has long been the main magnet for tourists in northeastern Belize, CSFI has also recognized that the potential for tourism is far greater. Including the area’s rich cultural heritage, past and present is just one example. In parallel, CSFI is aware that more often than not, revenues from tourism flow to tour operators and other middlemen.
Consequently, the incomes do not remain in the local economy. CSFI aims at developing fair, sustainable and eco-tourism in Corozal, the North-East of Belize, by being a not-for-profit tour operator based locally. Sustainable tourism will ensure that everyone in the system will earn decent revenue, and that all profits are re-invested in a conservation and social-development fund.

Tours & Activities for everyone

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Shipstern offers many varied tours, and our staff gladly accommodates individual wishes. We try to provide tours at a decent price, while also making sure that everyone involved receives a decent income. For those naturalists wanting to know more or prepare their journey thoroughly, please download all our scientific documents, listing everything from birds to plants to reptiles and mammals.
Shipstern also organizes tours to various other sites, such as Cerros and the Mennonite communities of Belize, where you can experience another world altogether. Visits to the co-managed Honey Camp National Park and the Freshwater Creek Forest Reserve offer an insight into the world of real field conservation and the many challenges that come with it.

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