Honey Camp2

The Honey Camp National Park encompasses about 3150 hectares (7770 acres) of still continuous forest cover. Honey Camp NP is also, together with the Freshwater Creek Forest Reserve, one of the key components of the Northern Biological Corridor of Belize.



Corozal Sustainable Future Initiative CSFI stands for protection, conservation and preservation of the highly threatened ecosystems in northeastern Belize. Its board is composed of both leading Belizean and foreign conservationists by trade or at heart.


Freshwater Creek2

CSFI believes that a forest-based economy is possible in Belize. With the Freshwater Creek Forest Reserve our aim is to prove the case for sustainable indigenous hardwood plantations – while also generating revenue to support our conservation efforts.

Burgers Zoo


The Royal Burgers’ Zoo of Arnhem in the Netherlands is one of the leading zoos in the Netherlands and was a pioneer in Europe if not worldwide in creating what has become known as eco-displays. Burgers’Bush today still remains one of the largest indoor jungle, and was over the year completed with a Sonora Desert and a large aquarium offering a journey from reef to the deep blue. Burgers’ Zoo has been involved in the protection of Shipstern from its beginnings.


The ITCFund was created in 1989 by the Papiliorama Zoo in Switzerland and the Royal Burgers’Zoo in the Netherlands. Its aim is to gather funds worldwide and inject these into practical field conservation. It is now legally based in Swizerland, the Netherlands and the United States of America. We are proud to guarantee all individual donors that 100% of their donations will directly reach the field. Administrative, fundraising and coordination costs are covered so far by the zoos involved or by individuals working on a voluntary basis. The ITCFund very much hopes to keep it that way, and works hard to find more zoos to join it.



The main mission of the Papiliorama Foundation is to bring its visitors back into contact with plants and animals, and give them the opportunity to enjoy a sample of the beauty and diversity of nature. By the way of its large indoor exhibits, the Papiliorama Foundation focuses on tropical nature, from an amazing butterfly ballet to the eerie world of nocturnal animals along a jungle dome hosting an exact copy of Shipstern’s forests. In the outside gardens, it puts much efforts in recreating nature, while taking part in local conservation, from butterfly meadows to helping protect the endangered European Terrapin.

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