Belize is a small country proud of its diversity. We are proud at Shipstern of the diversity of skills in our staff, their friendliness and their ever present drive to make your stay a nice stay. Our gallery will give you a glimpse of some of us and of course of those who made it all the way to Shipstern to discover its beauties.


The Lodge Facilities Shipstern

Shipstern’s Headquarters is the very heart of all we do. CSFI’s central (and only) office is only footsteps away from our butterfly garden and museum, our Birder’s Lodge, simple but comfortable and spacious, as well as group facilities and large restaurant. The botanical trail and the famous Shipstern tower are only a small walk away, in the forest.


Shipstern ciel

One feature that makes the Shipstern area unique in Belize and beyond is its great diversity in landscapes on a relatively small area. Nowhere else in the region can within a single forest walk go from dry coastal forests, through deciduous and semi-evergreen forests, palm marshes, marsh forests, transitional edge forests, saline savannahs, mangrove flats and mangroves. Come and recognize the beauty of our landscapes!


DSC_0033The North-East of Belize, although challenged by deforestation rates higher than in all other parts of Belize, is still rich in wildlife. All five cat species of Belize are still present in and around Shipstern, while Baird’s tapir still abound, as is proven by the very numerous tracks encountered. Many species, especially among birds, are more Yucatan-related species, while some are, in Belize, only found there. Even reptiles and amphibians, despite the seasonality of the area, are well represented, with approx. 70 species.



The diversity of habitats in and around Shipstern is accompanied by a similarly diverse flora.  Some of the rare habitats in CSFI’s protected areas harbor plant species that are completely unique for Belize.

Some of them are even rare on the Yucatan Peninsula.
Both the amateur of unusual plants and the confirmed botanist will be rewarded with beautiful plant species!

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