The climate at Shipstern is usually pleasant. The best time to visit is January through April, with pleasant temperatures, hardly any rain and often a nice breeze coming in from the sea. In January and February, nights can be pleasantly cool. May is usually the onset of the rainy season, which lasts through June/July. August is known as the small dry season, while September through November is the proper rainy (and hurricane) season. This is however subject to occasional changes, especially since climate has been showing signs of change in the past few years. Shipstern remains the driest place in Belize, with only about 1200 mm of rain, i.e. approx. 50 inches. In Toledo district this goes up to 6000 mm!



Local currency is the Belize Dollar. One US dollar is equivalent to $2 Belize dollars. Banks and ATM’s available throughout the country ; includes Atlantic bank, Belize bank, First Caribbean, Heritage bank and Scotia Bank. There is an ATM in the village of Sarteneja, all others are located Corozal Town and Orange Walk.

Time Zone


The time zones in Belize is GMT minus 6 hours, identical to the US central standard time. There is no daylight savings time, which means that time difference fluctuates with neighbouring Mexico – something to think about when you cross the border.


Kabel Shipstern

Outlets and plugs follow the American system, and voltage is 110 volts A.C.


AA001859S Mayan houses in village outside Schipstern Nature reserve, Belize, May, 2008-01

Belize has about 350,000 inhabitants, composed of Creole (of African descent), Garifuna (of Carib-indian and African descent), Mestizo (Spanish, Indian), Maya, Mennonite, Lebanese, Chinese, East Indian and Europeans. Belizeans are friendly, welcoming and peaceful.


Englische Sprache

English is the official language and widely spoken, along with Creole English and Spanish. In southern Belize, Garifuna and Maya are spoken. Mennonites speak Plautdietsch, an old version of German, but many do speak what is called “Bible German” which is Hochdeutsch.


Birds Gallery Shipstern Xo Pol Fauna

All travelers entering the country must have a valid passport (valid for up to six months after visit) and a proof of return to their country. No visas are required for citizens of the United States, United Kingdom, Eu countries & Switzerland, and the majority of Caribbean Islands.  Belize allows visitors a maximum of one-month stay in the country before requiring an extension.

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