Group Packages

Our recently constructed Birder’s Lodge, restaurant/meeting room and adjacent dormitories can cater and accommodate groups of up to 32 persons. The dormitory itself is divided in two rooms with 12 beds each. Our restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinners, and we are proud to serve excellent and diversified local food for your group. The restaurant doubles as a classroom and conference area, ideal for seminars and student groups. For groups we offer our group packages with reduced prices.
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Student Groups


Whether in high school, in bachelor studies or at later stages in their academic training, Shipstern is a living classroom, where wild nature is just steps away from the classroom. It offers a unique introduction to the drier tropics of the Yucatan, with astonishing costal dry and seasonal forests, marsh forests, saline savannahs, mangroves and lagoons within a relatively small area. As such it is an excellent introduction to rare and unusual habitats. 

Especially if combined with subsequent visits to wetter forests further South in Belize.
We are very flexible when designing your stay, and adapt our program to your wishes. Whether focusing on natural history, birds, landscape and culture, or as a detailed insight into what conservation in the field really means on a day-to-day basis. Please contact us to receive your personalized offer.


Bird Lovers Shipstern CSFI

Shipstern is a haven for birdwatchers, as close to 300 species occur here, including many overwintering North American birds, as well as strictly local species. This astonishing diversity is linked to the vast array of landscapes. As Shipstern is home to Belize’s only Yucatan type forests, many birds in Shipstern cannot be seen on other bird tours in Belize. It is also the only place where the elusive Black Catbird is found on the mainland.

Lagoons and marshes are alive with many interesting wading birds. Whether smaller groups up to 8 persons using only our Birder’s Lodge or larger groups up to 32, we organize daily bird tours or week trips specially designed for birdwatchers, with plenty of time at various locations to observe birds and other species. Check out our bird tours or  contact us to receive your personalized offer.

Retreats and Seminars


Due to its rather unique location in the country, Shipstern is ideal for retreats and seminars, far away from daily stress, bustling cities and phone calls. Working sessions can be interspaced with small trips to the forest, birdwatching or a relaxing moment on the top of Shipstern’s famous tower.

After a hard day of work, swimming, pre-dinner and a beach barbeque can be organized on the beach in the village of Sarteneja. We are again very flexible, and will adapt to your need and wishes. Please contact us to help us plan your trip, seminar or event.


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